Really Fun Games

Here at, we constantly have new ideas for games but only one person to make them. So this time we’re going to describe the levels of a game, rather than make it.

This one’s called Proverbs. Each level is a different proverb, and you have to guess which proverb by the explanation. You can see the answers in the comments section, but they should be pretty obvious anyway.

Here are the first ten:

Level 1: Several chicken eggs are sitting in a nest on the screen. Slowly each chicken hatches from its egg. After the final one hatches, a timer starts going and you have to count them as fast as you can.

Level 2: A hand with food in it starts moving into a mouth. You have to move the mouth and chew the food without hurting the hand. Only when you’re finished eating the food can you try and bite down as hard as possible.

Level 3: You are controlling one of five birds on the ground. A tiny bottle of tequila falls from the air and lands on the ground. You have to get to it first to reach the next level.

Level 4: A horse covered in wrapping paper is standing in front of you. Your mouse controls your right hand. As soon as the horse opens its mouth you move your hand in front of your face, otherwise you lose points.

Level 5: A man is standing on one of four squares of grass. He randomly jumps from one square to another, and you have to click quickly on the grass to switch it between brown and green.

Level 6: You have a needle and when you click your mouse, you make a stitch in some fabric. The object is to stitch the entire length of fabric in a short time, and there is a musical beat in the background. If you click on the beat, you make ten stitches at once.

Level 7: A doctor is walking toward you. You have a bunch of apples. Stop him.

Level 8: A horse is standing near a river. You drag him by his reins towards the river, getting points when he is right next to it. As soon as the horse gets there, he starts trying to drink from the river and you have to pull him away before he drinks.

Level 9: A large tree fills the screen. Above the tree is a cloud with the hand of God you control with your mouse. A bunch of people are under the tree, occasionally looking up. The tree starts sprouting dollar bills and you have to grab them and hide your hand in the cloud before people see anything.

Level 10: There is a burning building and pennies are jumping out of it. You control a trampoline with your mouse and have to prevent the pennies from hitting the ground. Every penny you catch gives you a point, then bounces in the air and gets hit by a giant flying urn.